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 Graduate Funding

Departmental Funding Sources

Both RA and TA positions are awarded on a multi-year basis to ensure students have sufficient funding throughout the course of their graduate studies.

Research assistantships (RA) 

Faculty members with outside research grants often include funding for graduate research assistants. These positions can come with a tuition benefit, and the award amount is determined by the grant.

Teaching assistantships (TA) 

While many of our students are funded through research, numerous TA positions are available every semester. TA positions come with a full tuition benneftit (called the Tuition Benefit Program, or TBP). In addition to this tuition benefit, teaching assistants recieve a living stipend. The award amounts of these stipends are variable, starting at $10,000 per semester for the 2023-224 academic year. 

College of Social and Behavioral Science Funding Sources

Hiatt Scholarships

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers four Hiatt Scholarships to "traditionally under-represented" graduate students. These are awarded to students who will "enhance the ethnic and cultural diversity of the graduate student body." Applications require transcripts plus a letter from the student describing past academic performance, need, community service activities, and future career plans. Students must be nominated for this award. If you think you might qualify and would like to be considered for this award, please contact the Administrative Officer.

College of Social and Behavioral Science Travel Support

CSBS wil provide two $500 travel awards to each graduate student during their time in the college. These awards must be research-related. Details of these awards can be found on the CSBS Graduate Travel Support page. 

College of Social and Behavioral Science Graduate Fellowships

CSBS helps to support at least one Anthropology graduate student each year. Students who submit a departmental financial aid application are automatically considered for this award.

University of Utah and Extramural Funding Opportunities

University Research Fellowships 
The University offers several fellowships to support graduate research. These include:

  • Graduate Research Fellowships ($18,000 plus tuition) for research in any field. For additional details and deadlines see the Graduate School
  • University Teaching Assistantship – UTA ($18,700 plus tuition benefit if eligible, and subsidized health insurance). For additional details and deadlines see the Graduate School


Last Updated: 10/20/23